Spanked at my friend's house!

I arrived at their house just before dinner Friday evening.  Tabitha’s mom met me at the door and I could smell good food cooking.  “Dinner will be served in 30 minutes sharp.  You should begin getting ready immediately” she said rather sternly.  Wow, so different than our house, where we’re lucky if all of us are together for just one meal in a week.  As I went up the stairs to see if Tabitha was in her room, I turned around and saw her mom looking at me with a glint in her eye.  Almost like she was undressing me with her eyes or something.  Something strange, anyway.

"Hi Lisa" Tabitha called out when she saw me.  "Awesome you’re here for the weekend.  We’re gonna party girl….." 

"You’re mom told me to get ready for dinner like ASAP"

"Yeah, my mom and dad can be a little strict, but they’re ok.  I’m starving anyway!"

We washed up and got ready to go downstairs.  I noticed Tabitah fixed her hair and makeup and put on a pretty dress and wore pumps.  i just wore my tank top and jeans (well, skinny jeans that are really tight).  I noticed both her parents were well dressed, with her dad sitting and waiting for us at the head of the table.  Tab’s mom was scurring around and waiting on him.  He welcomed me with a formal greeting and told me to sit next to him.  It seemed like he was staring at me; looking into my eyes or something.  It was a rather formal dinner for a Friday night and her mom kept running to the kitchen to get something for her dad.  The food was great and the conversation light.  At one point when Tabitha was reciting a long story from her school day, I felt Mr Jameson’s hand on my knee.  He was looking at me, and when I was startled, he gently caressed my thing and gave me a good squeeze quite close to my rosebud! 

"Oh well" I thought.  If he only knew that I was a boy just a few months ago.  Ha!

The rest of dinner went well and desert was out of this world cobbler.  I was very full and glad to be over at my friend’s house.  Mr Jameson rose and said he needed to go to the store for some wine.  “I just might make a pitstop or two before coming back”.

"What’s that mean?" I inquired.

"Oh, it means dad is going to the liquor store, then he’s going to the topless bar across the street from the store to get a couple of lap dances from the girls".

"REALLY?"  Are you sure?  What does your mom think?"

"It doesn’t really matter.  Dad definitely is in charge here and mom just let’s him do as he please".  With that we got up and cleaned up the dining room and did the dishes.  After that we went to the living room, sat on the couch and turned on the TV.  As Tabitha flipped through the channels, I noticed a stack of magazines on the coffee table in front of us.  i removed the Sport’s Illustrated from the top and was shocked to see a magazine with nude girls on the cover right below it.

I went to my friend’s house over the weekend since my parents were out of town celebrating their anniversary.  We had just moved to this part of the country that schoolyear, and I was just beginning to make friends.  It had been hard for me - That was the year my family moved to a new area because their son was no longer a boy - he was their daughter now.  That daughter was me.  I had begun hormone treatments a year and a half prior, and as soon as we moved into our new house I began dressing female full time and lived my life as a girl.  I was only 14 yrs old.  This was my first night away from the house.  My friend was a neighbor, and Tabitha was in my class.  A little bit on the wild side, but I liked her.  She had a neat sense of humor.

spanked at my friend’s house!